Masonic Boys - Apprentice Jack Andram Chapter 4 - Ordination With Matthew Figata

Master Figata looked so hot dressed in his crisp, white suit. Ever since he took my boyhood a month or so ago, I’ve been able to think about almost nothing else.

It was a magical experience. And I know that when I’m older, I’ll see it as the moment my entire life turned a corner. I now know that I’m on a profound journey of discovery; one which will lead me to understanding - and ultimately experiencing - true carnal pleasure.

Despite having been almost permanently in my thoughts since my calling last month, I haven’t seen a great deal of Master Figata in the flesh. I pass him from time to time, but am always too nervous to speak to him outside of our planned meetings. But he gives me these looks which tells me we’re not done. That intense, amazing, life-changing encounter was not the end of our story together… In fact, it was just the first chapter!

So, when I was called for my Ordination and walked in to find Master Figata dressed in that beautifully-tailored white suit, I knew something special was about to happen.

My heart instantly leapt into my mouth and my head started spinning. He told me to sit down on the big white couch and beamed at me with that big, sexy daddy smile of his. His is the sort of smile which makes a young boy feel safe. It’s a smile which seems to tell you you’re the most important person in the world.

He asked if I knew why I was there. I lied and said I did. I mean, I knew I was being ordained to the Order but I had no idea what that actually entailed. Obviously, I knew what I wanted it to entail, but there would undoubtedly be a whole heap of ritual in the meantime.

He immediately told me to start undressing, which I did with possibly too much enthusiasm. I kinda knew the whole vibe was to come across as chaste and sober, but ever since he took my virginity, I’ve been desperate to feel his hands running over my body again.

He rubbed my knee gently and seductively as I unbuttoned my shirt. I couldn’t wait to get the damned thing off, and was so desperate to do so that I forgot to undo the buttons on the cuffs!

Then he took his own jacket off before kneeling down at my feet and removing my shoes and socks. There was something incredibly erotic about what he was doing; it felt subservient, like I’d earned enough of his respect for him to deign to kneel before me and remove my footwear.

And he did it all so slowly and deliberately. I instantly boned up, and then, when he pulled the zipper down on my pants, I felt a rush of absolute excitement at the thought of what I might be about to experience - the life lesson I knew I was about to learn.

He slowly pulled my underpants down and my hard dick sprung up to greet him. I was astonished when he placed his lips around it. I mean, I’d done it to him the last time we met, but I had no idea it would feel the way it felt. My entire body started to shake. These bolts of total pleasure started rippling up and down my body…

Then he got me to kneel on the couch before starting to fondle, then lick my ass. It was like his tongue was dancing. I could feel my hole opening up in anticipation; welcoming in that renewed sense of belonging, that feeling of completeness.

Then he got me to stand up and I could tell something was different. He seemed a little breathless - a bit flushed, maybe. There was a coldness about him the last time we met, but this time he seemed excited. He told me to remove his belt and, as I dropped down to do so, he took off his shirt and tie. I could see his huge dick tenting through the white suit pants and, as I pulled them down, I found it proudly standing to attention underneath his see-through underpants.

I instantly started to suck him and he gasped and moaned in a really good way. I tried to get the whole thing in my mouth, but it wouldn’t fit. He was telling me to lick his balls, and then the tip of his cock; telling me what he needed and how best to pleasure him.

I squatted down on the couch again and he knelt behind me, running the giant mushroom head of his big dick up and down my ass crack in a way which had my hole twitching in seconds. And then he started to push himself into me. I knew from the previous time that my only option was to stay as calm and relaxed as possible.

He slid in real slow. I thought several times that he must have pushed it all the way in, but then I’d feel it going deeper. Like impossibly deep. Like it was gonna start pushing through my belly button!

Then he started to grind in and out of me, and it suddenly felt like we were somehow one being. Both of us had combined to trigger waves of intense ecstasy within each other which were simultaneously crashing through our bodies.

Even our groans started to meld together, we were breathing as one, crying out in unison. His arms were wrapped around my throat. I could barely breathe. My pleasure was his pleasure. We existed for one another.

He got me onto my back and thrust himself inside me, never once taking his eyes off me. We stared at each other. Got lost in each other. I somehow knew he was close, and moments later, he started to drive his dick into me with some force.

I felt his semen entering me. I genuinely felt it gushing inside me like water rushing down a pipe. And, when he pulled out, I could feel it dripping out of me. I was desperate to keep it inside, but you can’t stop gravity! He scooped some of it into his hand, before rubbing it over my forehead. And there it was! That was my anointment. I was now a man!

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