Twinks a Poppin' (2005) Miami Studios

Anthony (ms)

Brent Turner

Jack Trelor

Jimmy McIntyre

Kai (ms)

Kevin (ms)

Manny Rivera

Teddy Malone

We’d like to dedicate this volume, to the cum shot. Our camera people and editors got together to create a volume of SENSATIONAL flowing cum shots, and we ’re bringing some of them to you in SLOW MOTION to help you enjoy the experience even longer !!

There’s also PLENTY of “footage” for our foot fans, so be watching Anthony’s “vibrating” solo session, and the Manny and Jack session for outstanding shots below the ankle Blond butch sailor boys, a not so solo session with Teddy Malone, an 18 year old high school boy learns about vibrators, and experiences the joy of manfucking for the first time with a hairy chested totally ripped southern stud, and finally, Our new Latino superboy Manny Rivera, with baby face, ripped chest and amazing butt takes ALL of Jack Trelor’s NINE inches , with a brief cameo from upcoming stud Jimmy McIntyre

  1. Anthony solo

  2. Kevin solo

  3. Kai, Teddy Malone

  4. Brent Turner, Anthony

  5. Jack Trelor, Manny Rivera(GAYCAO.COM)


種子 / 种子 / Torrent